Setting Connection For DB2


i enjoy using ks-sql for querying to database, in idea. great feature, and no need to open another application, everything is in idea. ever use it for oracle and mssql database. but i don't know how to set connection for DB2.
i'm using idea 4.5.3 and ks-sql 1.4.3.

what i've to set value for Database field? what's the format? since for oracle/mssql there are field for host, post, databse, user, etc.


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works for me on Windows XP with Idea 5.0 and sqlplugin 1.4.5 if I use a System ODBC Data Source name for the database value. I just enter the DS name (DB2 database alias) for the database property: no host name, port #, or database name.


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hi sramdhani.
i downloaded ks-sql and want to make connection to ms sql using intellij as u. can u give me the usage of this plugin? how can i connect to db?


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