How I can I get the ManageProjectManager instance?

How can I get the MavenProjectsManager instance?

1. Is there a service, component or something else that goes in the plugin.xml to instantiate the MavenProjectsManager instance?

MavenProjectsManager manager = MavenProjectsManager.getInstance(project);

My plugin.xml file so far:

<idea-plugin version="2">
    <name>GWT-Platform (GWTP) IntelliJ IDEA Plugin</name>
    <vendor email="" url="">ArcBees</vendor>

      The GWTP IDEA plugin provides tools for GWT-Platform framework in IntelliJ IDEA.<br>

      Project Creation by Archetype added (8/30/2013).<br>

    <!-- please see for description -->
    <idea-version since-build="107.105"/>





    <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">

        <moduleType id="GWTP_CREATE_PROJECT_MODULE"

        <wizardMode implementation="com.arcbees.plugin.idea.wizards.createproject.CreateProjectWizard"/>



Thanks to all those who can help,

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Please make sure that you're adding the jars of the Maven plugin to the classpath of the IntelliJ IDEA SDK and not as a separate project library.

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Thank you! I had mistunderstood the depenedency locaitons for including a thirdparty plugin. It works now.

For those who follow, I attatched a screen shot of the location I added the maven plugin dependencies. On a mac they are located in the application, /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA (show package contents).
Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.04.18 AM.png

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I've run into a similar problem

I'm writing a plugin using IntelliJ SDK via the gradle-intellij-plugin.

I was able to add the dependencies so far, but now that I'm trying to add Maven/Gradle dependencies they are not seen by the IDE.

I then found this post and added the jars to the SDK's classpath, but still nothing changed.

Any hint?

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Ok, got it. If I use the gradle plugin I must do



intellij {
version = '20xx.x.x'

plugins 'Maven', 'gradle'

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Ok, the previous resolves the depends tag in the plugin.xml


However, I still cannot import classes. E.g.

I've create a specific request here:


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