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Tapestry for IDEA
Hugo Palma is now working on an IntelliJ plugin for Tapestry: Tapestry for IDEA - He appears to be factoring out the non-Eclipse specific code from Spindle, and reconnecting it inside IDEA's APIs. It's not clear how far along this process he is, but he is promising to post screenshots shortly.

2006 looks like a true banner year for Tapestry!

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Hugo Palma wrote:

Jan 13 2006
The 0.1 release is out. This release includes the palette component and a new module type for building Tapestry web projects.

Having some problems publishing the plugin to the IDEA repository though, but worry not, you can download the zip file from here( ), unzip it to your plugins directory, restart IDEA and voila. I'll update the site when the plugin is also available on the repository.

Of course all effort now goes to the 0.2 release, checkout the roadmap for more detail.



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