Hooking into GitVcs activate\deactivate methods

I'm creating a plugin that depends on the git4idea plugin.
Specifically, I want to install a statusbar widget alongside the git one, after GitVcs' activate method gets called.

Is there a way to hook into GitVcs's start\shutdown\activate\deactivate methods? Some sort of listener interface or event system?

Thanks :)

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Hi Opher,

currently there is no direct way to hook right after GitVcs.activate() is complete.

The thing you can do - is subscribe to ProjectLevelVcsManager.VCS_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED and listen to directoryMappingChanged(). There you can check ProjectLevelVcsManager.getRootsForVcs() and initialize your classes if there are Git roots.

Btw, make sure your plugin depends-on git4idea.


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