Creating Custom Language Support with Grammar Kit

Where can i find more informations to the grammar kit ?

I've followed and was able to register the filetype but what now?
I've installed the necessary plugins but what's the deal with the bnf file? Where can i find more informations about this?

I'm interessted in including support for some strange template languages which are based on html (e.g. )

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that's the tutorial, which i've tried to follow, and it worked till
And from here i have now problems to follow the tutorial since the "Define grammar" step, because it's the first time i've heared from "bnf" and i have no idea where to start.. That's why i hoped that somebody here have probably some useful links..

At least i've found this "good explanation" but it's still "too much" from me as beginner, who just started with plugin development and java just some days ago

Just to describe it better

<h1>some text</h1>

<vb:if condition="{$foo} == 4">

{vb:function fooo,var,var}

{vb:include template="templatetitle" }

that's how the templates look like and i'd like to get an code highlighter and LATER also to provide support for the functions.

e.g. vb:include template => if i click on templatetitle, it should open the template in the editor

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Hi there,

If the concepts of lexing/parsing etc are new to you; There is a great university level course on this offered by Coursera available here

Be sure to check that out :)



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