[ANN] Copyright 1.0.0 Final for IDEA 5.x

Thanks for all the feedback. I've fixed some bugs, made some small changes, and added some new features.

Here's the list:

Bug Fixes
- Reads Java options from all prior versions of the plugin. The text of the notice and the file location are restored. All other values use their new defaults.
- The ipr and iml files are no longer modified if there are no changes to the copyright settings. (This was an ordering problem due to an unordered hashmap).
- Ensure only supported languages appear under the File Types tab of the configuration screen.
- Fixed internal error when clicking on the Apply button of the settings screen.

New Features
- There is now a project level setting for disabling the plugin. This defaults to disabled so no copyrights are added to any files by default. This can be turned on in the template project if you would rather have all new projects have the plugin enabled by default.
- Added mnemonics to the configuration screen.
- Added back the Update Copyright menu item to end of the editor context menu.
- You can now copy project level settings into a module. Useful if you want to create module specific settings similar to the project settings.
- You can now import copyright settings from any project or module on the local file system. The settings can be imported at the project or module level.

As usual let me know if you find any issues or would like to see any new features.


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