Spring Plugin Sourcecode


I have been working on a plugin which integrates with OSGi Blueprint, a framework very similiar to that of Spring.
I would also like to potentially integrate my plugin with Spring. If I understand correctly this was open sourced at a point in time, but is no longer the case.

May this plugin be open-sourced once more possibly? Or if not, may I request access to it exclusively if that is a possible alternative solution?



We have no plans to open-source the Spring plugin and unfortunately are unable to provide its source exclusively either.


Hi Dmitry, thanks for the response;
I wonder if there are any other ways to interop with the existing Spring plugin, without having access to the source I assume this is impossible to do?


Spring plugin may provide extension points ( but of course, without any meanigfull documentation so you will have to guess around )


Having no documentation is not as much as a concern as having no source code haha :)
I was hoping to be able to provide variants and resolve to Spring Bean's - but without the plugin on my classpath, it won't even compile, and I won't be able to do anything.


Please feel free to ask specific questions here in forum, I'll do my best to give you a working solution.


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