Open Tool window's when custom editor is opened.


I have a custom ToolWindow registered from plugin.xml and need it to be shown when editor is selected.
Problem is in component initialisation order, as I see.

selectNotify() is called before createToolWindowContent(Project project, ToolWindow toolWindow), so I cant just call ToolWindowManager.getInstance(m_Project).getToolWindow(ID).show(null);

Can anyone say me, what I can do, to initialise ToolWindow earlyer?

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I think problem isn't actual now. I have some workaround there, and IDEA is calling selectNotify method several times, right after all ToolWindows are created.

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Maybe this might help:

  • instead of using the plugin.xml use the ToolWindowManager to register your ToolWindow.
  • register and show the toolwindow at the position in code when it should be initialized.

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