identity scope does not work

Hi all,

I try  ti implement identityscope checking of dom elements.

I put @NameValue  on desired name:

     * Returns the value of the name child.
     * @return the value of the name child.
    GenericAttributeValue<String> getEventName();

But is seems that getIdentityScope() of DomFileDescription   is not called at all.  Do I miss something important?

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You can also use the @Scope annotation and provide a Scope provider too :)
If you have a similiar usecase to what I had for this, ie you are wanting to specify a Scope across multiple files, then I believe it's best to provide your own DomModelFactory and not use @NameValue at all.


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I would like to have uniqueness in the same file,   below certain element - and I'm already using DOmFileDescription
( and it kind of works ;) )  - bit I thought that  addind @NameValue  would be sufficient  to prompt  exeecution of
getIdentityScope() - aparently it is not enough and I', diving  into source code without any comments or docs.

( Hey, guys from jetbrains -    my plugin though not perfect already sold 5-10 licenses  - what about writing javadocs?
With correct answers?  And explanations?  )

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Obviously the amount of documentation isn't ideal, but there is a lot of open source plugins to follow and learn from - which I think is particularly important.
I also think the dev support within this forum is great, you can't really ask for more there :)

Out of interest, do you have any plans to open source your plugin?

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There is definitely too much to flllow and dig from  -  there are just too many "ways to do this" without proper
description focusing on "why".  As for opensourcing -  this is for homegrown unpublished BPM engine used at undisclosed
customer locations so ther is no direct profit for cummunity to be  opensourced

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I think open sourcing would actually be beneficial, as the next best thing to developer documentation, is lots of open source plugins! :D

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It will be really difficult to remove all references to customer from this plugin
( and this customer is really sensitive about discretion )  - so publishing is impossible


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