getSourceRootForFile does not work for phpstorm


I develop a sonar plugin for intellij and want  also get it work for phpstorm. To calculate file pathes correctly I need  to know, what is the source root of each source code file.
For Intellij Idea I do it this way:

VirtualFile sourceRootForFile = ProjectFileIndex.SERVICE.getInstance(file.getProject()).getSourceRootForFile(virtualFile);

But for phpstorm this returns null, thus I workaround it currently by:
sourceRootForFile = ProjectFileIndex.SERVICE.getInstance(file.getProject()).getContentRootForFile(virtualFile);

This  gets my approach working somehow, but is not a fully correct way,  because php source files are also located in "src" directory and not in  root directory of the project.

So how do I get the correct source root for a file in phpstorm?


phpstorm 6.0.2, intellij idea 12.x
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The "src" directory does not have any special significance in PhpStorm; .php files can be stored in any directory. PhpStorm does not have any concept of source roots in its UI, so the API does not return any information.

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Ok so the correct way to get file path is using the contentSource.
Thank you.


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