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Thanks Keith, I will have a look at. I don't want to lean out too much,
but I think the parser is not very hard for me since I'm familiar with this.


Keith Lea wrote:

This would require writing a Language API plug-in. You should see the
Javascript plugin source for help. It's not difficult, but it's not
trivial. You will need to write a parser for the C language, which will
be the most work of any component of the plugin. If you release this
open-source I feel sure that you will get help with it eventually,
because C is a popular language.

Thomas Hartwig wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for some small hints to implement a plugin for Idea. I
>> have seen and read the idea dev package, but I'm unfortunately short
>> int time. So I straight want to ask if anybody knows what components I
>> have to look at in the dev api to implement following plugin.
>> I have to do some coding with JNI in C and look for some structural
>> support for C files in the editor. The first help would be a
>> structural overview of methods and fields in the structure window and
>> navigation.
>> as second would be some refactoring support, but I'm afraid this would
>> blast my time frame.
>> So every little hint is highly appreciated.
>> Thomas


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