[ANN] IdeaVIM 0-10-2 (IDEA 4.5.4 and 5.0.1)

I have released a new version of the IdeaVIM plugin - 0.10.2. There is one for IDEA 4.5.4 and one for 5.0.1.

I have added support for Visual block mode. I'd appreciate feedback if you find any issues. I don't use it much myself so the testing hasn't been terribly thorough.

Below is a complete list of changes:

New Features
- Support of visual blockwise mode using Ctrl-v or Ctrl-q.
- Added the visual commands gp, gP, p, P, I, and A.
- Display the VIM logo on the Quick Start page. (5.0.1 only)

Bug Fixes
- Linewise visual yank now properly inserted linewise during a put.
- Leading/trailing spaces no longer trimmed from registers when displaying with :reg command.
- Fix persistence of registers. Whitespace was getting normalized out.
- Fixed visual mode character change.
- No longer update "delete" registers when joining lines or shifting text.
- Undoing a put required two undos instead of one. (Regression from 0.9.7).
- Fixed various visual put issues.
- Fixed cursor movements after yank commands.
- Ensure smooth scrolling is turned off in editors. Many motion commands were having problems if smooth scrolling was on as of 0.9.6.
- Entering an invalid command while in visual mode now properly stays in visual mode.
- Typing text while in insert mode caused strange cursor position changes if the cursor neared the right edge of the screen. (Regression from 0.9.6).
- Fixed internal error when right clicking on a visual selection and selecting certain refactorings.
- Ensure proper visual mode set when mouse dragging including in the line number area.

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