conditions to match reference provider

Hi all,  
I'm  stich at condition for mathcing reference provider.

I managed to match content of xml attribute  by name:


and now I'm trying to constrain this condition to  certain tag defined as dom elemement:


and (surprize!)  this does not work as intendet.   Is there some desrcription abot condition mathing?
( sources are bare of comments )

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Something like this should work:

      .withSuperParent(2, DomPatterns.withDom(domElement(FooBar.class)

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Hi Pribluda,

Could you post your sample XML, what you're trying to match, and what your DomElement interfaces look like? :)

Could it also be that your parent DomElement is actually a SuperParent for instance?

For example, here is an example of matching the XmlAttributeValue "value" if it has a super domElement parent of a BlueprintBean

Example of matched XML :

<bean id="foo" >
    <argument value="${}" />
    <property name="quux" value="${}" />

Example of the pattern used

                        .withSuperParent(3, withDom(domElement(BlueprintBean.class)))
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   <link_in type="http" trigger="blamblam" receiver="StartMEssage"/>

And automagically generated interface:

public interface Link_in extends DomElement {

      * Returns the value of the receiver child.
      * @return the value of the receiver child.
     GenericAttributeValue<String> getReceiver();


So I like to reference to attribute value  of this tag defined by interface.  And while we are at it,  I'd like to navigate  to some other corresponding
tag ( so I shall return proper PSI element from my reference provicder?  right?  )  and provide error if no such tag  is found.   Is PsiReferenceContributor proper tool for this?

PS: My first name is Konstantin %)

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Proper condition was:


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Depending on your DOM and @Namespace definitions there, this might differ in the future when you change one place. I'd use DomPatterns if possible to make sure any changes in DOM are reflected here.

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It did not worked with DomPatterns ,  despite declared namespace on generated interface.

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Did you call com.intellij.util.xml.DomFileDescription#registerNamespacePolicy in your DomFileDescription?

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Namespace policy is registered.     Shall I put key of namespace policy into @Namespace annotation or uri on interface?

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@Namespace takes the key which is then registered in com.intellij.util.xml.DomFileDescription#registerNamespacePolicy with the corresponding URI(s).
See com.intellij.struts2.dom.struts.Struts2DomFileDescription and com.intellij.struts2.dom.struts.StrutsRoot as example.

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OK,  not I'm slowly groking my problem.   You have to assure reachability of all the elements from root elelemt
with proper @Subag annotations  - otherwise DOM does not work properlyand does not know subtag classes.

Also,  need to check generated dom classes and adjust manually  


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