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Hi All,

It there some documentation describing existing etxtension points and  when to use them?  
I'm about to develop plugin  for some  weird internal XML format  where I would need  code completion,
check refeences between elements etc.

It seems that struts2 plugin does those things, and I'm looking how thigs are done there  but a lot of points remain.  

     - do I need a facet?
     - how can select files for plugin based on schema and root element?
     - do I need custom language? ( most probably no, but who knows...  )

If there is some documentation besides sources lacking comments I would appreciate this


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For supporting such an XML format, you'll need to use DOM. There's an article describing how to use it:

A facet is a way to provide a configuration UI for a specific framework. If you don't need any custom configuration UI, you don't need to create a facet.

To associate the DOM with your custom schema, you need to implement DomFileDescription and register it as <dom.fileDescription> extension point.

You don't need a custom language.


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