TestNG plugin seems to add excluded source paths to its source path


I created a run configuration for TestNG. I used for "Use classpath and JDK of module" a project which has excluded source paths. These excluded paths appear in the parameter -sourcedir of the TestNG call.

Is this a bug?

Best regards, Martin

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What's the adverse result you're seeing, incidentally? The -sourcedir parameter is only used to find potential testcases (and is only used on 1.4).

Anyway, I'll investigate and let you know. Thanks for the report!

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My problem is that some classes produce output like

cannot parse source: D:\src\sv\arriba\wsdlcomp\wsdl\WsdlBufferClass.java

syntax error @[42,41] in UNKNOWN SOURCE

So I would prefer to exclude these sources which do not contain TestNG tests.

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The fix for this was just checked in, so it should be in the next version.

The warning is harmless, so it is just suppressed now.


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