Hoople 1.0 RC1

This isn't exactly an Intellij Plugin (yet), but it is a tool that
helps Intellij 5 work better with Struts, Spring, and JSF.

The trouble I ran into with using Struts/Spring/JSF with Intellij 5 is
that it would mark all my ]]> tag links as errors and I couldn't use
"go to declaration" for Struts/Spring/JSF-mapped URLs.

To solve the problem, I created a tool called Hoople. It allows me to
split up my struts-config.xml, etc. file and have an actual file on
the filesystem for each URL the system will have. Each of those files
contains the configuration for that URL that would have gone into the
main config file.

Besides making knowing which URLs are available on the system and
making merging with multiple developers easier, the HTML link error
highlighting, autocompletion, and go to declaration in Intellij 5
works great.

Hoople RC1 is available at http://www.sundog.net/hoople/ I've done
some testing of it and it should work fine for everyone. I've marked
at as a release candidate rather than final to give people time to
finds any bugs and/or have suggestions that may change the API before
the API is frozen.

Also, any suggestions on the documentation would be greatly

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very interesting :) anxious for it.


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