I'm sure TMate will be updated when things are needed. To be honest with you, it's one of those tools so far that I've found very few major problems with and I use Subversion rather than CVS which by comparison is only fairly recently supported.

What it does mean is that there is now a JIRA for TMate which you can subscribe to and log any bugs etc within. This will also help us see a roadmap and other useful things with regards to the product. The good thing is it appears TMate will continue to be developed by its creator, Alexander Kitaev, but will now also have the full backing of JetBrains award-winning support team so it can only be a good thing for us customers of both companies!! :)


My understanding is that the guy who writes TMate use to work for JetBrains and he started his own company to build TMate but he still helps JetBrains with stuff. For example, he's the guy who coded the Subversion support for IntelliJ 5.0 even though he had already built TMate and continues to support/enhance it.


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