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i'm currently writing a plugin for intellij, which internally needs some prolog sources, i want to bundle in the exported plugin. My idea was to, as with icons, create a subfolder in a directory called "resources" (which is set as a content root in the module settings of the plugin) which contain the prolog sources. Unfortunately, the prolog sources and also the folder, yet the icons are. I think this is due to the file extensions. Is there any way to make intellij export all files, despite their extension?

Below, a structure of the plugin and the files, which are not exported:

     + lib
     + META-INF
     + resources
          + icons
          + prolog                   <-- this folder and its contents are not exported, everything else is, as it should be
               - someFile.pl
     + src                         
     ~ External Libraries

(+ indicates a folder, - a file, ~ a lib entry)

Hopefully anybody can give me a hint. I somehow already got it to work in an eralier version, but unfortunately the folder isn't exported anymore.
Thanks a lot for any help!



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Hi Philipp,
you can specify resource patterns in the Compiler section of the Project Settings.

Regards, Kay

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Hi Kay,

thanks a lot, that did it!




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