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I'm trying to build my first IDEA Plugin so please excuse me, if the question is a bit basic. Maybe someone can help me with this:

I have a Tree. On right click a context menu with an Action should be displayed. To this point everything works fine. Now the Problem: In the called Action, I need access to some data, but I have no idea, how to solve this.

    private void addTreeListener()
        myTree.addMouseListener(new PopupHandler()
            public void invokePopup(Component comp, int x, int y)
               /* No idea, how to pass the data to the action
                DataContext dataContext = DataManager.getInstance().getDataContext(myTree);
                DataManager.getInstance().saveInDataContext(dataContext, CreateBeansAction.DOCTYPE_MODEL, doctypeModel);
                DataManager.getInstance().saveInDataContext(dataContext, CreateBeansAction.DOCTYPE, getSelectedDoctype());
                AnAction action = ActionManager.getInstance().getAction("com.monday.cmidea.CreateBeansAction");

                DefaultActionGroup group = new DefaultActionGroup();

                ActionPopupMenu menu = ActionManager.getInstance().createActionPopupMenu(ActionPlaces.UNKNOWN, group);
                menu.getComponent().show(comp, x, y);

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jan,

1. It's possible to automate context menu actions processing by defining an action group with target actions at your plugin xml and using ide helper functions:

<action id="MyActionId"
<group id="My.Tree.Context">
  <reference id="MyActionId"/>

CustomizationUtil.installPopupHandler(<your tree ref>, "My.Tree.Context", "My.Tree.Place");'

2. Your actions should retrieve target info from the given DataContext object. Your tree should implement com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.DataProvider then

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Thank you very much! I refactored the Tree in an own class to make your suggested changes.

Now everything works. Thanks!

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You are welcome


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