JIRA plugin not finding any issues

I've just installed the JIRA plugin. Configuration went fine (after one false
start - I had to enable RPC on the JIRA server). I chose the projects I was
interested in, and clicked OK. However when I then go to the JIRA tool window,
no issues are available for viewing. ie, the Browse Issues By -> Reporter/Component/Fix
Version/Resolution tree is empty. Clicking "Refresh Issues" doesn't help.
Any ideas on what I'm missing or what is wrong?

Also, a few minor bugs I noticed:
1) When navigating away from the JIRA settings in the settings dialog, I
get the "This page has been modified. Save changes made on this page?" dialog
even if nothing has been changed.
2) If I close the JIRA tool window (by clicking on the red X icon), there
doesn't seem to be an obvious way to get it back? It no longer appears in
the Window -> Tool Windows menu.
3) If Atlassian's website is anything to go by, it should be called "JIRA",
not "Jira" :)

This potentially looks like it will prove to be a very useful plugin once
I get past this initial hurdle, many thanks for making it available.


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