[ANN] Eclipse Workspace Importer 0.1


Version 0.1 of the eclipse workspace importer is available through the plugin

- import all the projects in an eclipse workspace as idea modules, preserving
the dependencies between them (expressed either in .classpath/.project files
or inside OSGi bundle manifest files)
- create web modules for WSAD web perspective projects or WTP projects
- reuse eclipse project settings wherever possible (for source, test, ignored
paths, etc.)
- create IDEA project level libraries for the eclipse libraries outside of
the eclipse projects (and module level libs for the in-eclipse-project libraries)
- manipulate the module and project xml files directly (not through IDEA's
open api)

Does not (yet?):
- update existing modules (if same, they are replaced with the new version)
- append to an existing list of modules (the ones not corresponding to eclipse
projects in the workspace are removed from the IDEA project)
- allow the selection of modules to be imported (all eclipse projects are
- create EJB/J2EE Application modules
- have a nice UI

Any feedback, bug reports or suggestions for further improvements are welcome.


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