Can I override the target of a ELVariable ?

I'm working on a JSP EL expression extensions which should add a more specific type to certain variables.

For example, the JSP EL expression myContext.component is resolved to the accessor method "Object MyContext.getComponent()" .

In the context of the JSP file I know more about the type of the returned type of getComponent.

I would like to patch the PSI to make myContext.component resolve to a synthetic method which has e.g. String as return type.
i.e. instead of resolving to the physical "Object MyContext.getComponent()"  I would like the expression in this JSP file to resolve to a virtual method "String MyContext.getComponent()"

Is there a way to achieve this?

I've tried to use an annotator and calling elVar.getReference().bindToElement() with a PsiMethod implementing the SyntheticElement marker interface. But this does not seem to affect the PSI tree.

I'm very thankful for any hints you may have,


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