[ANN] - Generate toString() v3.19

GenerateToString is a action plugin for IDEA that is used to create or update java classes toString() method. The reason is valuebeans usually needs to dump their fieldvalues for debug purpose, and it's tedious to write the dump code for this. So this action plugin generates the code to dump all the fields in a simple manner.

v3.19 for IDEA 5.0x (sep-02-2005)
- Compiled with jdk-1.4.2_05 using IDEA 5.01 #3467
- Default templates for StringBuffer and StringBuilder now idents and uses ' ' to enclose string values.
- Default settings changed to insert toString() at caret position (to be similar to IDEA's generators)
- Default templates now use characters instead of Strings with length of 1 character to honor the inspection 'Single character string concatenation'
- Fixed enabling/disabling template selection checkbox in settings
- Fixed document extracting with a fresh installation of this plugin


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I forgot to include in the changelog a new option to determine where to insert the toString() method in the javafile. After equals/hashCode will insert the method after the last af these two methods. If there isn't any of these method in the file the method is inserted at current caret position.



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