Type refactoring plugin

I've had the type refactoring plugin for a while but I've never used it much
until recently, mostly because it doesn't work on method parameters or return
values, which are the main things I want type refactoring for.

I wonder, are there any plans for type refactoring of parameters and method
return values? Would it be hard to implement myself? I don't know if I'll have
time but I'd like to know.

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Hi Keith,

Sorry, I did not have time to implement changing the type of parameters
or return values - although I also miss these feature.

Would it be hard to implement myself?

I suggest you to take a look at the source code and judge yourself. You
can get it from the CVS repository
":pserver:guest@cvs.dev.java.net:/cvs", module
"intellij-idea-plugins/TypeRefactoring". Any improvement is very
appreciated, because I have nearly no time to do it myself.



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