SdkType and Sdk

For a Mathematica plugin I need to set up a custom SdkType (and probably Sdk) for at least two reasons:

  • I need to find a library JLink.jar which allows me to evaluate Mathematica code from within Java without starting the usual Mathematica front end.
  • To extract the documentation of all Mathematica functions on the machine where the Idea plugin is used. This is timeconsuming (approx 1 min).

I have successfully set up a SdkType but now I'm a bit unsure:

  1. Should I reuse the ProjectJdkImpl which does not really fit (because Mathematica doesn't have classes, etc) or is it better to implement my own Sdk? If the latter, how do I connect my SdkType to use my own implementation of the Sdk? Throught the "sdkFinder" extension?
  2. Where should I call the timeconsuming documentation creation? It is similar to the "indexing procedure" of a java sdk, but I couldn't debug where/when this indexing is called when I create a java sdk in Idea.


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