Is custom builder for AppCode possible?


I want to implement custom builder for AppCode and manually compile/link source files. I have the following questions:

  • Is it ultimately possible?
  • Which information parsed from Xcode project files can I get? (e.g. list of frameworks, build settings, per-file flags, etc.)
  • Can I add custom toolbar buttons / menu items?

I'm new to plugin development, but I'm very satisfied with AppCode and willing to dive deep to get plugin done.

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what do you need such a plugin for? You can create a custom script build step in the target in Xcode and it will be executed by AppCode as well.
In the next major update we plan to support 'External' build targets in Xcode so that you will be able to build projects using your tool-chain.

To answr your question: it is, in principle, possible, but can be achieved by simpler means.


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