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I've installed IDEA 5.0 on my e: drive rather than my c: drive. My settings directory is located on the c: drive in the usual location c:\documents and settings\\.intellijidea50. My repository directory is located at c:\documents and settings\\.maven\repository. On the Raven settings screen I have set the local repository location to point to my repository. I have set a path variable maven.repo.local in the Path Variables settings configuration which also points to the same repository. IDEA uses that to locate the jars of the global library in my respository. Raven is creating a repository at e:\documents and settings\]]>\.maven\repository, not so good.

Is there a hard coded repository directory property somewhere that I could change manually, or does this indicate a bug where Raven assumes that idea.home is located on c:, and it is using idea.home's drive as the repository drive?

Thanks for any insights that you can offer.

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Thank you very much for your work in creating the Raven plugin. It has been really helpful to me in my work with Maven.

Located the configuration entry for Raven in the file other.xml in directory ${idea.settings}/config/options. The value for LOCAL_REPOSITORY is set correctly yet the plugin continues reading and writing to the e: drive, where IDEA is installed, rather than to the c: drive. I take it that this is a bug?

It doesn't seem to make any difference if a final backslash is or is not present in the directory specification for the repository.

<option name="LOCAL_REPOSITORY" value="C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.maven\repository" />


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