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On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 07:47:18 -0700, Maxim Mossienko
<Maxim.Mossienko@jetbrains.com> wrote:

Currently SSR works with java code only.
XML replacement support will be in next version.


David Smiley wrote:

>> I'd like to perform a structural find/replace for XML files. I'd like
>> to find:
>> >> And replace with: >> >> -- in my ant build file. IDEA complains: "search query is not >> expression,but replacement text is". What am I doing wrong? If this >> isn't supported than a different error should probably appear. It >> would also be useful if the regular find/replace had a way to save >> templates just as the structural one does since I may have to resort to >> the regular expression replacement technique... and I want to use this >> query later. > >]]>
Just curious, couldn't the xpath plugin be augmented to do something like

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