[ANN] SQL Query Plugin 1.4.5

- Support for jTDS SQL Server JDBC driver (Thanks to Chris Maurer)
- Delete rows from result tables
- Save character and binary data into a file
- Support for secure servers in HSQLDB driver support (old database
configurations using this driver will not work anymore)
- Additional connection properties to set properties not supported by
the driver support classes

Bug Fixes:
- Use second connection to get meta data
- Improved cancellation of statements
- Improved handling of Oracle 9.x Data Types
- Added name to server URL's for HSQLDB driver support


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first all, thanks - this plug-in makes my life much easier! Just one thing I noticed - in the Windows look&feel (and one other, can't remember which), highlighting doesn't work properly in your browser window - the text doesn't reverse color to white so you get a black/on black and can't read the item you've selected. The same is not true in the window to the right. For example, I select a table in the left window - now I cannot see the text of the table name since the text didn't change to white. On the right side, however, I can click on, eg. Primary Key - no problem - the background and foreground colors switch and I can read "Primary Key" which is now white. Is this a known issue? The other look and feels (again, except one which i can't remember) seem fine.


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