[ANN] Native Neighbourhood Plugin 1.0

Native Neighbourhood Plugin provides some actions to integrate IDEA into the native desktop environment.

Actions include executing the currently active file in the platform's default
application, showing the active file in the platform file manager and opening a command
shell in the active file's directory.

Integrates the actions into Tools-menu and main toolbar and provides an entry for the
SelectInTarget-Menu to show in file manager.

Additionally a custom binary file type is registered and associated with several extensions.
These files may be executed in the platform's default application by double-clicking them
in the project view, for example.

The action commands may be configured in config/options/other.xml in section
NativeNeighbourhoodPlugin. Supported replacement variables are
$FilePath$, $FileDir$, $FileName$ and $PluginsHome$.

The icons and labels can be customized in META-INF/plugin.xml in plugin directory.
The filetype-icon is referenced from static path ...icons/defaultapplication.gif.
The associated extensions may be configured in other.xml or the file types applet in IDEA configuration.

Available via Plugin Manager or here.

I would like to provide reasonable default action commands for MacOSX, Linux/KDE and Linux/Gnome.
In addition to the command strings this would require icons and a reliable way to identify the platform.


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