Creating a PsiReferenceContributor for Yaml


I would like to develop a custom PsiReferenceContributor for the Yaml language in my plugin.
However I have not found any way to develop against the yaml implementation in PHPStorm.
I've managed to add org.jetbrains.yaml but PHPStorm seems to depend on com.jetbrains.yaml and I've found no way to add this import when developing.

Is this doable and if so how?

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Where did you get this "seems to depend"? All of the YAML plugin code is in the org.jetbrains.yaml package. There is no com.jetbrains.yaml package.

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Hi Dmitry,

You are absolutely correct. I must have read it wrong last night and I'm sorry about that.
After adding org.jetbrains.plugins.yaml as a dependency in my plugin it works like a charm!
Thank you for the help. :)


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