ZipTo(G)mail plugin

Has anyone gotten this plugin to work with Irida under windows? The buttons that should say Compress, Delete, and Send appear as just HTML text. What exists for a Compress button I can actually press but it doesn't do anything. Delete and Send are not pressable at all.

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>The buttons ..appear as just HTML text.

Version 0.2 will come this W.E., or beginning of next week. While a lot
has changed, I still use html in buttons, tooltips, labels, ... Before
publishing, I would also like to know if anybody has been able to make
it work on Windows.

Note: the next version
- will be called the zipXchange plugin
- let's you open a project stored in a zip file
- let's you open a project stored in a remove zip file(= from a url)
=> you can store your project templates on a web server.
... and more



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