deploment descriptor

I'm new to the Idea development with J2EE and jBoss and have a question on how the "deployment View" get generated and how to change it. I have a very simple project the is composed of several jsp files, some supporting java classes and a class that is an applet, and several supporting directories which include javascript, css and images.

My problem started when I tried to access the applet from a JSP pages. It never seemed to be able to find the class in the deployment structure. It appeared that I needed to move the directory to the top level of the .war file in order for it to be seen.

So I was trying to figure out how to get the build project to create these files in the correct directory structure. This is when I noticed that the images directory was also getting copied into the classes directory where my .class files are located. I'm assuming that this is getting done in some automatic process but I can't figure out where or how. My jboss-web.xml and web.xml files are minimal (just the default information with no info about my project.

I would appreciate any advise or help on the subject.

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