Open IntelliJ and immediately start a Run Configuration programatically (Windows 7)

Is there a way to start IntelliJ (from a Windows command prompt or similar) and specify a Run Configuration option for one of my projects that should be started immediately?

Some context:

I am looking to set up a tool that runs nightly that opens IntelliJ and starts my Weblogic run configuration deployment.

I'm keen to not to use an IntelliJ plugin if possible; the tool I'm creating will potentially be doing a lot more than just starting Weblogic inside IntelliJ, one of it's tasks may well be to restart IntelliJ (to ensure it doesn't start to run slowly having been open for a long period of time)...

For bonus points:

I'd love a link to an article / document that lists out all IntelliJ program arguments :)

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It's not possible to do that with default IJ installation at the moment.



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