NoClassDefFoundError sporadic in plugin testing

I am trying not to spam the forum here but I am so close to getting the plugin I am working on base line working.

I am now having a problem with NoClassDefFoundError sporadiaclly happening when I am calling code that depends on external jars have have in the library paths.

What is the correct way to setup jars that need to be included with plugins? Sometimes the testing works, then sometimes I get class not found exceptions. I can't tell what I'm doing to get the excpetion to show up and then disapear. I am not adjusting compiler settings when it shows up either.


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To reply to my own question;

I seems like when an Exception is thrown in the plugin sandbox, if I don't rebuild the project in the main IDE instance, on the next debug run I get the NoClassDefFoundError. If I rebuild the project after the exception is thrown, I don't seem to get the exception.

Does this make sense? This is different from when I was running this same code in version 11.1.



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