Default project when plugin settings are for IDE

For plugin settings operating in the IDE section of the settings, there is no project.

I realize I can call


but the default project has no CodeFoldingManager and a couple of other services so some error messages appear and editors don't quite function properly.

Thoughts about what to do?

Is this a defect in the design of the 'Default Project'?


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Hi Jon,

I believe the reason of why couple of services are not provided for default project is that IJ and IJ-based products don't need them at their default settings. You can describe your use-case in more details and we can consider if it's worth to adding them.


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Sure, Thanks!

I have a plugin that I wish to have 'default' settings attached to the IDE settings section. Two of the settings are velocity templates that are editable. Since I would like the editing of those files to happen in a fully qualified editor (with syntax check, code folding, etc, etc), I fire the editor up with the current 'project' or the 'default project' if there is no open project.

Since the default project doesn't include quite everything that the editor is looking for, the editor does not function properly when there is no open project.

I've attached a working version of the plugin with this functionality. The plugin version in the repository doesn't yet have this functionality and i was hoping to add it.

If you open the settings with a project open, you can see how it works. If you close the project and access the settings via 'default' project, the editor becomes disabled and a couple NPE errors happen.

Incidentally, I did file defect pertaining to one of the NPE errors that should be easy to avoid.

I think there must be something else missing from the default project other than code folding but i haven't spent the time to figure it out.


FYI, the plugin in the repository is


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