when trying to use CLion Updater

When I updated CLion and IntelliJ after the recent May 11th security updates, I can no longer perform updates via the tool.  When I try to update, a popup is shown with this error:

Connection failed ( PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target). Please check network connection and try again.

I believe this is related to the automatic proxy used at my company.  I am able to use the updater via my work laptop at home (when not using any proxy) just fine.  Others at my work who did a fresh install of IntelliJ Community edition after May 11th do not have the problem I am seeing, updater replies as expected when run.  Perhaps there are some residual files in my .CLion2016.1/ or .IntelliJIdea15/ directories that are causing the problem?

Is there any more debug logging that can be turned on in CLion that can help me pinpoint the source of my issue?

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Hi Andy.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please try using some advices from the issue. Does that help?

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That helps, thanks.

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As a follow up, my IntelliJ Ultimate 2016.3.3 installation started giving me the same problem (trying to update to 2016.3.4).  To get around it I had to do the following:

1) Turn off "Use secure connection" in Settings/Appearance & Behavior/System Settings/Updates

2) Turn on "Accept non-trusted certificates automatically" in Settings/Tools/Service Certificates

I had tried using our corporate certificate but it did not work.


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