ANN: "Less Hungry Whitespace" 0.1 available via Plug-in Manager

Imagine following piece of code (---> is a tab, | is caret):

public class Foo {

--->public void bar() {

Now when you press two times after the method, you will get: public class Foo { --->public void bar() { --->} ---> --->| } Now you press and get: public class Foo { --->public void bar() { --->} ---> | } Now the little annoyance occurs: pressing backspace again results in moving the caret to the end of the previous line (although the tab is usally not visible) and you have to press the key multiple times to delete the visually empty line. The little plug-in "Less Hungry Backspace" solves this problem. When you press the ]]> key and would just delete the previous newline
character, this plug-in causes also to delete previous whitespace characters
(tabs and spaces).


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Did you try Hungry BackSpace plugin? I wrote that to take care of the problem you talk about, unless I'm misunderstanding...

That was one of the immediate things I missed when I moved from Emacs to IDEA. (

For such a sophisticated editor, IDEA still treats whitespace like a text editor. I would like to see Hungry Backspace and EmacsTab (Editor Actions->Emacs Tab) be the default keybindings for BackSpace and TAB keys.

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Alex, I got inspired by your plug-in, but for my personal taste it deletes
too much whitespaces. Less Hungry whitespace just deletes the tabs and
spaces at the end of the previous line - just the same as the previous line
would not have trailing whitespace. It does not delete multiple newlines.



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