The undo of extract parameter Object


I would like if there is a refactoring operation that represents the reverse of the operation extract parameter Object. For more clarifying the deal I explain by the following example:

I have the pethod m(int c)... and I would like to extract a parameter object M for example to this method, after performing this operation I will get a method m(M m)... and a class M{ private int c;  M(int c){this.c = c;}  int getC(){return c;}}

After that I woul get the initial method m(int c) and delete at the same time the class M by using API. Is there someone who could help me?


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There is no such refactoring operation in IntelliJ IDEA.

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I find a solution that performs the undo of this operation but we should make the parameter c public: inline the method getC() and then we use extract parameter by click on c inside the method m and we get back our initial method


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