IDEA Theme support (propose)

Konstantin Bulenkov - make good Darcula, but some users - wana change some things.

And for example i want Light theme for IDEA CE.

That do u think to rework - Darcula Laf, with colors (borders, etc)  in CSS/LESS/SASS(better sass, less - variables ill be good). I think that need change Alloy Laf, make alternative - self impl.

The current implementation is for me sucks, yeah - it good, but it removed all Laf futures(need IDEA restart - but why???), i think u make it in short time, but need rework for me.

That u think about it ?



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Implementing the Darcula color theme involved far more work than customizing a bunch of colors; there is a lot of custom painting involved. Making it possible for users to do that level of customization themselves would involve even more work, and is likely to negatively affect product performance. We don't currently have any plans to do so.

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yh i known it) I known all process. i known most of all commits, and was tried do it)

for example-  i like IDEA CE(because i can rebuild and use), but IDEA4.5 laf is sucks. Darcula is not for me.

For example - Substance Windows Black i like it, and wana use it, but)


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