[ANN] TestDox IDEA Plugin v1.1.1 released

A new version is available through the plug-in manager.

- Added support for IntelliJ IDEA Irida, starting from build #3354
- Added a configurable test method prefix to work with JBehave ( http://jbehave.codehaus.org )
- Updated the Test class with no tests inspection to ignore test suites and inner classes within test classes
- Added auto-selection of a test source folder when creating a test class
- Resized icon for the Rename Current Test action

Bugs Fixed:
- Editing a project's library dependencies results in a system error
- Creating a test class causes a NPE when JUnit is not found in the project classpath
- Adding a line comment or an empty statement (semi-colon) silences the Empty test inspection
- Adding a test before existing tests inserts it after the first test
- Some actions are not being enabled (or disabled) in a context where they should be.
- Icons references in plugin.xml cannot be resolved by IntelliJ IDEA (Irida) at startup.

See http://docs.beanlab.org/display/TESTDOXIDEA/Home for a full description.

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