Display current SVN branch in Intellij IDEA titile

As it seems there is no standard way for this http://devnet.jetbrains.net/thread/440605 I've decided to write a plugin that can do it.

In short, I switch to different SVN branches quite often, usually I use 1 branch for 1 issue I'm working on.
IDEA 12 doesn't show current SVN branch in some good visible area, and sometimes I forget what branch I'm working on, and have to go to Changes -> Working copy info -> Refresh

So I'm going to write a plugin that can show current SVN branch in IDEA title. As I understand, I need to:
1) Somehow subscribe to SVN Update event
2) Modify IDEA title (or status bar) and add current branch name to it

I'm really new to all this; I saw there is a lot of documentation, but I need just this simple plugin, so if someone can point me to the right API or example, I will be so happy :)

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