plugin to import keymapping from jbuilder or eclipse?

Hey folks,
what i really miss in IDEA are keymapping templates to get a keymapping like in eclipse or jbuilder at least for the simple default actions like step over, step into in debugger and so on.

for me one point to switch to an other IDE is, that i dont need to learn all the new keybindings for the default actions or have to edit the default settings hours and hours only to notice that i forgot just an other one again when trying to work with the new IDE.

after all i have to use jbuilder and eclipse at work, but do my own projects in IDEA at home. and i find it anoying to have 3 different sets of keybindings for the same actions all the time.

is there something like that allready, changing the keymapping to eclipse or jbuilder style?

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