Gather statistics

Good day!

I want to write a plugin that will gather some statistics about user, like
in current open session user edited:
182 lines of Java code
322 lines of Html code
123123 lines of JavaScript code

Is it possible? Where to start?

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It should be possible, but I'm not sure how you would want to determine the number of changed lines.
Can you give some insights on how?

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Thank you for answer :)

Depending on available way there could be different implementations.

I.e. I want to gather statistics for current day (starting from 2 am)

Way 1) Event-based (line changed, line added etc.) - store changed line, but later it could be difficult to understand if it's the same line changed or another
Way 2) Timer-based - just gather diffs since start of period (i.e. 2 am) and show stats based on them

I know that intellij idea saves local history (that looks very similar to how does git stores it in terms of intellij ui), so it's probably should be possible.
Where should I start?


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