How to find annotations in package hierarchy?

Hello there

I'm writing an inspection that checks annotations of the package of a java class. What I basically do is I get the PsiPackage from PsiClass and then use the AnnotationUtil.
To get the PsiPackage from PsiClass I first get the PsiJavaFile with getParent() and get packageStatement and the package reference. Finally I resolve the reference to get the PsiPackage.


This works fine for classes that are defined locally in a module. But for classes like java.lang.String this does not work, since it's package statement is of type ClsPackageStatementImpl and this class do not implement the method getPackageReference().

How can I check if it's possible to get the package reference without comparing classes like below?

if (csiClass.getParent().getClass().equals(PsiJavaFileImpl.class)) ...

Or is there a better way to browse packages of a psiClass?


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PsiJavaFile javaFile = (PsiJavaFile) psiClass.getContaningFile();
PsiPackage pkg = JavaPsiFacade.getInstance(project).findPackage(javaFile.getPackageName());

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Dmitry, thank you for the quick answer!


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