Developing **bundled** plugins: why does the changes I've made doesn't appear during Debug?

I've checked out code of IC and made some changes to the code of IDEA bundled plugin (more specifically, that was tasks plugin) and pushed a debug button. So far so good, I've got a new instance of IDEA, but ... looks like thoose changes doesn't affect a new debug-instance in any way (well, they should significally change layout, since I've commented out a few repositoryTypes in plugin.xml to test if we are up and running, so some repos shouldn't appear but they still all here, or am I wrong?). I've double checked layout, made full rebuild twice, but still nothing. I do know that there is pretty good guide on how to develop standalone plugins and there is special template in running configurations, but how to make things work if all I have is usual IDEA config (the one that runs com.intellij.idea.Main, you know). Do I need to perform some extra actions?

Some info: both IC code and IDEA SDK have 123.72 version
I'm running on OSX 10.8 and java 6, if this might somehow help.

Thanks in advance

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bundled plugins are deployed inside IDEA install dir, you may have to remove the "official" version from here ?

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Thanks, it worked like a charm.
(I've completely removed $IDEA_FOLDER/plugins/plugin_folder)
Moreover, looks like it is one-time action, so I don't need to do this every time I'm starting debug.


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