create directory from the file template

I'm using WebStorm for Polymer.js project.

In Polymer, each element should be placed into the folder with the same name - this is general convention.

File templates are perfect instrument for creating default element's .html file, but I can't find a way to create a folder with the same name as the file name, and than create the file itself inside that folder.

So, if i need to create element "Test", I'd go to file/new, select my file template (Element in my case), type in "Test", and what should happen is:
-- folder with the name "Test" should be created at the current level in the folder hierarchy;

-- file with the name "Test.html" with the content of my Element file template should be created in the "Test" folder.

Is it possible to do?

If answer is no, than can you suggest any solution?




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No, it's not possible. Please vote for and linked tickets. The only solution I can think of is developing a custom plugin... see for information about creating custom plugins

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Thank you!

I just voted for the issue. Hope it will be addressed soon, because several major js frameworks need this functionality (Polymer, Ext.js and more).


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