Plugin as a Visual workflow designer/editor for IntelliJ

Hello all,

I'm considering developing a multi-platform graphical workflow editor as a plugin for IntelliJ. The editor would work in a way similar to tools such as Visio/OmniGraffle/Activiti Designer/FuseIDE. It would allow the developers to drag and drop components from a toolbox, connect them using the mouse (or would-be-cool touch), and even run simulation of the workflow (highlighting component by component and show their corresponding value).

Some more important features include:

1- It should enable the developers to go back and forth between their code (Java/Scala) and the workflow editor.

2- It should be able to connect to a web application which displays the model on a browser (if possible in real-time).

Basically, the final product would look something like that depicted in the picture below.

I have browsed this forum but did not see any similar thread about development of such plugin. The documentation in also did not give me any other insight.

Can you provide me a few hints on how to start building my plugin? How is IntelliJ's support for such interactive editor? A few references would be more than enough. I'd really appreciate your help.

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