File Watchers Problem occured when I coding with Coffeescript. How to solve?

This issue very hard to explain so I will show you some figures here

1. Using some batch file to merge one javascript from multi-javascript files which output file name is mina.dynamic.ui.source.js onto "File Whatchers" function provieded by Webstorm IDE when running changed some sentense in targeted javascript files generated by coffeeScript Watcher


2. This Image is my goal. the "mina.dynamic.ui.source.js" located top on the project.



3. So after I edited some coffee file, the changed javascript file will be generated by coffee Watcher.

3. And Than "Merge One File" watcher what I made at number one step has been awaked to make one merged javascript file, name is "mina.dynamic.ui.source.js" below. But the result javascript file has been located under coffee file which is last edited file.

4. So, I want to move this generated file onto top of project list step 2.


How can I solve this problem.


Thank you Advanced~


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This is a file watchers feature - generated files are visually nested in the original file. There is no way to turn this feature off... But you can make the 'Output paths to refresh' field of your 'merge one file' watcher empty - WebStorm won't know that the "mina.dynamic.ui.source.js" is generated and won't nest it. But note that it would result in losing the auto-synchronization - WebStorm won't see the changes in your file until you synchronize the file system manually via File/Synchronize

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Great!!! That's what I want to know! Thank you~


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