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I have created a tool window by implementing the ToolWindowFactory with my own Class CustomWindow. In another part of my code, I am trying to get this tool window using ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).getToolWindow(ID) which works fine. But I cannot cast it to my Class CustomWindow from a ToolWindowImpl. Is there any of getting the tool window in the form of my CustomWindow?


Vassiliy Kudryashov
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First of all ToolWindowImpl is final class, it's a standard container for your custom content. So, you should create window like this:

MyCustomToolWindowFactory factory = new MyCustomToolWindowFactory();
      window = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).registerToolWindow(MY_CUSTOM_ID, true, ToolWindowAnchor.RIGHT, project, true);
      factory.createToolWindowContent(project, window);

Let's look inside:

  public void createToolWindowContent(@NotNull Project project, @NotNull ToolWindow toolWindow) {

//here you may setup toolWindow

    ContentManager contentManager = toolWindow.getContentManager();
    Content content = contentManager.getFactory().createContent(createMyCustomComponent(), null, false);

//here you may setup content

    contentManager.setSelectedContent(content, true);


Then you should call ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).getToolWindow(MY_CUSOM_ID).getContentManager().get... to obtain your content (and your cusom component inside it).

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Took me a moment to realize that I had to add my custom component within the content.

But thanks that works perfectly!


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